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Our Story


When I became a mom, I wanted to give my children the healthiest food possible and get the nutrients that their little bodies needed from real foods. My first son, Elijah, ate it all! Then, Lucas gave me new challenges as a mom. He was the ultimate picky eater and a force to be reckoned with. I got to work in my kitchen in Austin and began pulling out all of the tricks to hide the nutrient dense foods that his body needed inside the beige foods he loved.  This process was a fun challenge at times, but I yearned for an easier way. I began to look at the options that were on the shelf, but so many were filled with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and loaded with sugar. Greenbelt Goods was developed based on what I wished that I could go into the store and grab to feed my family. The recipes were modified according to both of my sons critiques and honed by many toddler taste tests on the playground.  I wanted something with as little sugar as possible, nutrition from the vegetables that little bodies need, and only made of simple, delicious ingredients.  

You may be wondering why the name Greenbelt Goods. My husband and I came up with it on the way to a family camping and hiking trip in New Mexico. We discussed what were our favorite places and what was important to us. My family’s favorite thing in the world is to go on long hikes in the woods, and the Austin Greenbelts hold some of our favorite spots. The soul of my family lives in the woods. So, on that drive, Greenbelt Goods was born.